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Look great all the time

Are you tired of spending hours every single day just doing your makeup? Permanent makeup is the solution to your problem. Gentle Touch provides a simple, safe and non-surgical permanent makeup procedure that will make it easy for you to look beautiful and stunning all the time.

Permanent makeup is best for:

• Busy people

• People with allergies to conventional makeup

• Anyone who desires freedom and convenience from their daily makeup routine

• Anyone who is physically incapable of applying makeup

• People with dexterity difficulties, tremors, arthritis, vision limitations and neurological difficulties from accidents or the natural aging process

• Athletic people and those with oily skin who tend to shed makeup easily

• Men or women who seek correction of asymmetrical facial features

• Entertainers, actresses and models

• Men and women who wish to look their best at all times

Be fabulous with our affordable services!

Eyebrows - $350

Eyeliner - $350

                Dramatic Eyeliner - $400

Upper or lower eyeliner - $250

   Damatic Upper or Lower Eyeliner- $300

Lip liner - $300

Full lips - $500

Forget about your daily makeup routine!

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